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RFID keyboard EM Card Reader with 3*4 Keyboard HM6100E

Products Information

HM6100 keypad is a EM card reader with keypad, Reads RFID code from EM4100 compatible read-only tags and it is a major component in RFID reader system. Supports a 3*4 keypad for facilitate auxiliary passwrod input. It can be applied in office/home security, personal identification, access control and production control systems etc.

Model Name: HM6100

Built-in transceiver antenna
Maximum effective distance up to 180mm
Less than 100 ms decoding time
Low power dissipation with single power supply
Wiegand 26 bit or other format interface optional
Support EM4100 compatible read-only tags(64 bits, Manchester codeing)
Support 3*4 keypad for passwrod input
Built-in bi-color LED and buzzer
Full potting for outdoor use, waterproof

Interface description

Number Color Symbol Description
1 Red Vcc Positive power supply
2 Black GND GND
3 Green D0 OUTPUT as DATA0 in Wiegand
4 White D1 OUTPUT as DATA1 in Wiegand
5 Yellow BUZ Input,internally pulled up to _5V connect to host
6 Blue LED Input, internally pulled up to +5V connect to host
Item Symbol value Unit
Power supply VCC 9-15 V
Operatin Temp Topr 0~+70 Degree
Storage Temp Tstr -55~+123 Degree

Electrical and mechanical specification
Under Ta 25 degree, Vcc +12V unless specified

Item Symbol Min. Type Max. Unit
Power supply Vcc 9 12 15 V
Current supply Ic 65 80 mA
Operation Freq. Freq 125 KHz
Effective distance DIS 0 150 180
Decoding time Tdec 65 100

Effective distance depends on tages and operating environment

3*4 keypad interface
HM6100 support a 3*4 keypad to facilitate auniliary password input, each key is 4 bits encodeed as following (MSB first)
0=0000 1=0001 2=0010 3=0011 4=0100 5=0101
6=0110 7=0111 8=1000 9=1001 *=1010 #=1011

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