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2.4GHZ Digital Wireless Intercom Color Video Door Phone

Products Information

Model Name: JA999

General Description:
JA999 is a multi-functional digital wireless intercom color video door phone utilizing the latest RF chip and high duty ARM processing chip. It is developed completely with industrial-strength design methods.
The power supply of outdoor phone unit can use either lithium battery or external power, the voice from door phone is clear and loud enough, the door phone has functions of relay unlocking and night vision. The indoor handset unit is powered by 3.7 V lithium battery, it has many functions such as time/date displaying, photo-taking, photo-storing and outdoors monitering.
JA999 has a fashionable and moden apperance whose shell-design owns several patents.The signal of digital wireless intercom color video door phone can travel 300 meters in barrier-free space. One set of intercom system can include 2 cameras ( i.e. outdoor unit) and 3 moniters (i.e. indoor unit) at most. The outdoor unit is easy to install with delicate shape and excellent anti-sabotage function. Indoor handset unit is small and exquisite with a charging desktop base.
JA999 is in line with international certification standard CE/CC/FCC.

Product Technology and Specification:

JA999 works with 2.4GHz ISM digital public frequency ranged between 2402MHZ and 2483MHz , it makes full use of AFH (Adaptive Frequency Hopping)technology ,and can connect with wireless network , bluetooth device sharing the 2.4GHz frequency. JA999 has totally 83 workable communication channels with super error correction and anti-jamming ability.

Product Features:
1. Wireless Transmission: Simple and quick installation with wireless cabling.
2. Long Distance Communication: Workable range up to 300 meters in barrier-free space.
3. Visible Intercom
4. Color Video Monitering: The owner can moniter the outdoors with moniter key in standby state.
5. Wireless Remote Unlocking: The owner can unlock the door with wireless remote control in monitering state or calling & talking state.
6. Aotomatic Photo-taking: The door phone camera will automatically take one photo of visiter if door-calling isn’t answered by owner in 40 seconds. The photo of visiter will be uploaded into handset device indoors as a record with instant prompt for owner.
7. Tamper-Detection and Alarming: Once the door phone is illegally disassembled or destroyed, the indoor handset device will continuously sound with alarm until owner pushes the Calling button of indoor handset device to clear the warning.
8. Waterproof with IP44 standard.
9. Auto-detection and adjustment of infrared night vision.

Technology parameter:

  Indoor monitor Outdoor camera Recharge base
Item External power Li-ion battery power External power Li-ion battery power External power
Input power 5V/1000MA 3.7V/1400MA 5V/1000MA 3.7V/1400MA USB 5V
Shutdown current 200UA 0 MA  
Average working current 260MA 340MA  
Standby current 4-8MA 15-18MA 0MA  
Working voltage USB 5V 3.7V-4.2V DC 5V 3.7V-4.2V  
Transmission power 18-20dBm 18-20dBm  
Receive sensitivity -100dBm -100dBm  
Charging current 600MA 600MA 200MA
Charging time 3H 3H  
Operating temperature -20°C-70°C -20°C-70°C -20°C-70°C
Transmission distance Audio Open land about 500m  
Video and audio Open land about 300m  


Video and audio Open land about 300m
LCD Screen Size: 2.5 inch TFT LCD
Camera: OV7725 CMOS Camera
Door-Unlocking with Wire control: Normally ON/Normally OFF
Handset Dimensions: 170*54*26mm
Doorphone Dimensions: 193*89*61mm
Charging Station Dimensions: 104*104*75

1. Apartment, Home and Garden
2. Villa
3. Office
4. Hotel, inn

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