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EM silicone watch smart card EC-06

Products Information

1. One-step molding of 100% silicone, non-toxic, no crack, long life span, no skin irritation; 
2. Using close-loop wrist strap, bright colors, good hand feel, comfortable wearing; 
3. After installing an electronic tag, it can provide digital tracking;
4. Waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, high temperature.

Applied Range: 
Widely applied to moist, high temperature, severe environments such as swimming pools, bath centers, cooling store houses, waterproof routing inspection, and field operation. Long time water immersion will not affect the product use.

Technical Parameters: 
Material: Silicone 
Size: Φ65, Φ74 
Colors: Black, Red, White, Blue (Bulk Customizing Available) 
Frequency: 125 KHz, 13.56 MHz, 915 MHz 
Operating Temperature: -30~75°C
Storage Temperature: -40~80°C
Erase/Write Cycles: 100000 times 
Memory Capacity: 512Bit 
Working Distance: 50cm (Different Reading Distances Based On Different Read Heads)

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